Choux Paste (+18 years)

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دورة الباتاشو بيستري من نكهتين مختلفتين لكل موعد (للكبار) تقدم بالانجليزي فقط 

In this class, You will learn how to Choux Paste from scratch. Plus how to perfectly cook them at your own home! The Class will be in the English language.

18th October 2022:

  1. PISTACHIO STRAWBERRY CHOUX PASTE: Choux Pistachio, green craquelin, pistachio whipped ganache, and Strawberry compote

  2. CHOCOLATE ALMOND GIANDUJA CHOUX PASTE: Choux paste, chocolate craquieline, dark chocolate creamy, almond rice Krispy, and almond gianduja Chantilly